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Frequently Asked     Buying Questions:

Our goal is to help you become better informed consumer so you can make the best decision about your new phone system.

When you consider how important your phone system is to your business, it is important to remember that the very next phone call you receive will most likely be from a customer or someone you really want to talk to. If the caller is not a customer, chances are good that the call will be from a vendor, a supplier, an employee, or someone else you depend on to help meet your customers' needs. Either way, you want to be sure that this call - that every call - gets through to your business, to the right person, and is handled efficiently and professionally, with nothing left to chance. That's why you need a quality phone system for your business.  Below is a list of questions you should ask your next communications company.

Remember, if you ever have any questions you can always contact us and one of our telecommunication representatives will be happy to assist you.

First ask yourself these questions if you already have a telephone system:

 How old is your current telephone system?
 Is your current system expandable?
 Is your current system reliable?
 Should you consider adding a voice mail system?  Do you need to expand your existing voice mail system?
 Is there new technology available that would promote better customer service and/or reduce costs?
 What kind of growth does your company anticipate over the next 3-5 years?
 Are you satisfied with the level of service provided by your existing telephone system vendor?

Information needed to provide a communications quote.

Reason for buying a system _____ for the first time  ______ Replace existing

Looking To: ______Buy  _____ Lease  _______ Other
Time Frame: In ____ two months _______6 months ______ 1 year   _____+
Company's Expected Growth Rate: ___Low ____Medium _____High

Branch offices _____________________________________________________
Special Requirements: _______________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 

Best Number to reach you (_____)_______/_____E-Mail _________________

Best time you want to be contacted _______________________IE: 8:00 to 10:00 A.M.
Your Main Billing Number (_____)_______/____________
Fax number (_____)______/__________

Toll Free numbers (_____)_______/________

Shopping for Telephone System Questions:
________Number Of Employees:
________Number of Lines Need: _____ T1/PRI _______ VOIP
________Internet access,  Speed: _____________
________Extensions needed:
________ Data Cabling Cat.______ 5E ______6  ____ Fiber ________ Other
# _______Teleworkers
Computer Telephone integration: Integrate with _____Microsoft Outlook _____Act,
 ______Goldmine ____Telemajic, ______Time Slips, Other ______________________
*** Phone system features ***
________Live Attendant or:  ________ Automated attendant
Caller ID ____________
Music on hold: _______
Professional Message on hold recordings ______
Headsets ____________
Call Accounting _____________
Automatic Call Distribution ___________
Other Needs ____________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________
(***All phone systems have over 200 standard features)
  Voice Mail features
Voice Mail boxes needed _________ Voice Storage  ______ Minuets? / Hours?
Unified Voice Mail integration ________ (Network based, Internet accessible)


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