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Charles R. Ecklond                             


Global Telecommunications Inc.

Global Telecommunications Inc. has outlined a clear leadership strategy regarding Voice
over IP, and has had a VoIP roadmap in place for over a year. As this exciting technology
gains acceptance in the marketplace, we continue to focus on providing unmatched
reliability and high quality service. We at Global want to be a primary component of your
VoIP deployment. This is another step to help our customers enable IP applications in
their operating environments.
A full suite of VoIP services are currently in development.
Global has installed data switches to the customer premise via Soft switch technology,
Trunking Gateways, Application Servers, and Integrated Access Devices (IADs). Global is
also developing support services and back office systems to complement this broad suite
of products. Again, our focus is on maintaining reliability and disaster recovery, while
providing a broad range of feature-rich services.
Based on the success of internal testing now under way, we will be working directly with
select vendors and customers for technology testing in early 2005 and ‘alpha’ field-testing
in Q3 of 2005. We will then proceed with full market deployment scheduled for beta
testing in Q4 of 2005.
Our current strategy includes the following core platform products:
1. Converged Voice and Data communications solutions through T1 Access Services
2. Hosted Group Collaboration Services (which can bundled with other services)
3. Hosted Telephony (traditional PBX or Centrex-like-features delivered via IP)
4. Hosted IP Voice VPN (delivery of on-net traffic between customers’ offices)
5. Hosted IP Voicemail and IP Call Center
6. DID Aggregation Services
7. Hosted IP Communications Suite (IP Conferencing, UMS, etc.)
These services will evolve over the next two years, based on the customer
requirements and market forces, and will include a host of professional services. We will
consider leveraging this type of infrastructure to develop customized applications based on
customer needs for key vertical markets.
Paramount to the development of these services is the production of a quality
network with complete redundancy, trouble reporting systems, robust network monitoring,
invoicing, customer care, and operational excellence.
We will continue to enhance and expand our services based on the voice of our customers.





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