LabRetriever Lab Test Results Hotline



Provide Patients with Confidential Lab Test Results 24 Hours a Day, Seven Days a Week



In the lab.

Streamline efficiency while you boost the quality of patient care. 
Patients appreciate the convenience of a confidential hotline for lab test results.  
Providers appreciate the ease of use. 



Staff Appreciate the efficiency of LabRetriever.

Ease Staff Overload & Increase Efficiency
Reducing time-consuming routine calls not only raises productivity and gives physicians and staff more time for patients in the office, it instantly increases patient satisfaction. 
Providers or staff can assign patients the appropriate lab results message as soon as results are available. LabRetriever maintains a log of the date and time messages are entered and retrieved, and prints reports to a standard office printer or LabRetriever's optional label printer for patient charts.  All retrieval reports are automatically archived based on the schedule you designate and remain available for future reference.



Patients Appreciate the Convenience & Confidentiality




Effective Lab Test Results Delivery

Patients appreciate the convenience.

Patients retrieve lab results by entering a unique Personal Identification Number (PIN).  LabRetriever also includes as many levels of security as you need. You can control users' access to every screen and function within the program and assure your patients of complete confidentiality.

An easy to follow instruction  card guides patients as they call in anytime, day or night, and listen to their lab test results and follow-up instructions. Patients can repeat, save or delete their messages, or leave return messages for the provider.


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