ReminderPro Calling System Confirms Appointments, Delivers Messages and More:

Appointment Reminders: Sample

"This is Dr. Owen calling to remind you of your appointment tomorrow. To confirm your appointment, please press one. To hear this message again, press two. If you need to reschedule, press three and leave us a message."

"We've been using ReminderPro for almost a month now, and I would guess that our broken appointments are down by at least 60% or more. I'm really happy with it.
 As an office policy we strictly enforce broken appointment charges. Before, many times this created conflicts because the patients said they had called to cancel. Due to the size of the practice we had difficulty proving they didn't call. Now with ReminderPro, a couple of  things have happened. If the patient questions our charge, we have a printable, accountable record of having called them, and of the results.

Plus, with the reduction in missed appointments, we have not only reduced our administrative burden - billing, collecting broken appointment fees, lost income- but we have improved patient relations.  It creates a win-win situation. I'd also like to say that the service is outstanding.  (Dr. J. Schulman)

"Our orthodontic office has been using ReminderPro since June, 1998. When I took over as Account Manager in July, 1999, I was very impressed by this wonderful software. Since our office has an average of 40 patients per day, this great invention has relieved us of countless hours of making calls to remind patients of their upcoming appointment. Thanks again for developing this has saved us so much time in our daily activities." (Julee, Dr. DuBois, DDS)


Effective Communications by Telephone or Email
ReminderPro  Calls automatically in your own voice, delivering natural-sounding appointment reminders and an unlimited range of messages

ReminderPro pays for itself within weeks of installation by preventing appointment "no-shows", saving countless staff hours, and eliminating expensive (and less effective) mailed reminders.

ReminderPro includes features that matter most to you:
Seamless natural sounding messages in your voice, fully automated operation, unlimited message building, multi-line scalability, custom touch-tone response options, email and fax, superb answering machine handling, permanent archival of call history, built-in text to speech option, 38,000 name library.


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