Voice, Voice-over-IP and Converged Networking
Mitel Networks boasts North America's second largest installed PBX base. Its fiber distributed SX-200® and SX-2000® LIGHT PBX telephone systems and SupersetTM business telephones and consoles provide enterprise communications to one in five businesses.

Mitel Networks is bringing its voice pedigree of close to three decades to a new generation of Internet Protocol (IP) telephony systems, solutions, and applications. The company's innovative Data Integrated Voice ApplicationsTM architecture provides the foundation for its feature- rich and reliable IP telephony offerings - solutions that turn the telephone into a network portal for access to a host of strategic and emerging integrated applications over IP. These offerings include the Mitel Networks 3200 Integrated Communications Platform (ICP), a solution offering 99.999% reliable voice call control over IP.

The Mitel Networks 3100 Integrated Communications Platform (ICP) delivers on Mitel Networks commitment to small enterprise, providing a business communications system, Local Area Network and gateway to the web, all in a single platform.

Building on the success of the Mitel Networks 3200 ICP, the Mitel Networks 3300 Integrated Communications Platform (ICP) is uncompromising in its voice features, and supports strategic new IP-based applications and network appliances. The Mitel Networks 3300 ICP provides the ultimate in feature-rich, reliable, and scalable Voice-over-IP communications for the medium to large enterprise.

In addition, the company's family of high performance converged remote access solutions extend the power of corporate voice and data to remote workers, allowing them to enjoy access and performance equivalent to their colleagues at head office.

The power of the Mitel Networks Integrated Communications Platforms is further harnessed through the Mitel Networks 5000 series line of powerful IP appliances and peripherals. Incorporating such features as integrated web browsing and enhanced directory management, Mitel Networks IP Appliances will provide enterprise users with instant access to real-time information and applications.

Wireless and Mobility
Enterprise users can now reap the benefits of increased wireless mobility. Through the Mitel Networks 3800 Wireless Applications Gateway (WAG) and the Mitel Networks 3800 Ericsson Wireless Assistant Solution, users can now be reached at one office number whether they're at their desks or outside the office. Additionally, through the Mitel Networks 3800 Wireless Applications Gateway, feature-rich Voice-over-IP is delivered to Symbol® Technologies' wireless LANs, providing in-building mobile access to voice and data anywhere in enterprise.

Natural Speech Recognition
Mitel is committed to leading the industry in bringing natural voice recognition based on its speech recognition architecture. Mitel Networks 6500 Speech-Enabled Applications re-assert the importance of voice as the most natural human interface. They increase network security via voice print authentication, and even more importantly, they enable a wide range of new strategic applications including voice browsing of speech enabled web sites, voice-based dialing, directory management, and access to other network services. The Mitel Networks 6500 Speech- Enabled Attendant allows incoming callers to connect with anyone in the enterprise simply by speaking their name, and acts as a personal dialer for company personnel, allowing them to reach both colleagues and external customers just by saying the word.

Intelligent Messaging
Mitel's family of intelligent messaging solutions ranges from affordable Express MessengerTM integrated voice mail for the SX-200 PBX family, to the highly scalable NuPoint MessengerTM enterprise messaging server.

Contact Center Solutions
Mitel Networks 6100 Contact Center Solutions (CCS) deliver competitive advantage to call centers by providing advanced tools for automating operations and ensuring customers get the attention and service they deserve. The Mitel Networks 6110 Contact Center Management (CCM) application provides intelligent call routing and distribution, system management, desktop computer telephony, web integration, messaging, and much more

In addition, the SX-200 EL supports: Computer Telephony Applications (CTI), Caller Identification, Data Connectivity, and Networking.

The SX-200 EL is designed to meet the unique requirements of small business customers: the need for advanced voice capabilities at prices supporting their growing bottom lines. Ideal for a wide variety of applications, ranging from manufacturing and professional service organizations to small call centers and remote offices, the SX-200 EL also provides critical investment protection: it can be easily expanded as businesses need to add additional users and/or peripherals to the system.

About the SX-200 EL
The SX-200 EL continues Mitel's legacy of providing solutions specifically designed to meet the real-time voice communications needs of small businesses. In 1997, Mitel introduced the SX-200 ML, created for customers requiring 30-150 lines. Similar to the ML, the new SX-200 EL is based on the core hardware and software of the highly successful SX-200 LIGHT and provides enhanced functionality in a smaller footprint.

Sophisticated Functionality
Running LIGHTWARETM, Mitel's powerful communications application software, the SX-200 EL delivers sophisticated functionality that includes:


Centralized Voicemail: This enables customers using SX-200 ELs in multiple sites to share the same voicemail system, saving the significant cost of purchasing and managing multiple voicemail applications. The Integrated Voice Mail feature ensures no call goes unanswered. The Off-Hook Voice Announce feature allows important calls to be announced to a user whose telephone set is busy or off the hook.


Centralized Attendant: For customers with multiple sites, critical resources are spent having dedicated personnel answer incoming calls. In an SX-200 EL-based system, calls are routed to a centralized attendant where they are then directed to the appropriate destination. This enables small business to better utilize available resources.


Fax Tone Detection: Customers no longer have to dedicate trunks to receive fax calls. With fax tone detection, the SX-200 EL directs calls to an automated attendant which both detects the call and routes it to a fax machine. Another benefit is that callers only have to dial one number for both voice and fax calls.


ACD Support: The SX-200 EL supports up to 100 automatic call distribution (ACD) agents. Previous Mitel small business PBXs supported up to 50.


Intelligent Evolution
The SX-200 EL is based on Mitel's principle of "Intelligent Evolution." A cost-effective solution for as few as 30 users, the SX-200 EL can easily expand up to 500 lines. In addition, existing SX-200 ML and SX-200 LIGHT customers can cost-effectively upgrade to the new EL.


Improve property management capabilities and guest services through PMS interface, Hotel/Motel Front Desk package.



Reduce long distance cost; NANP-ready



Voice Mail


Improve customer service, staff productivity



Handles calls without operators, increasing customer service and staff productivity



Increased networking/communications capabilities through ISDN access



19.2 Kbps synchronous and asynchronous transmission



Comprehensive inbound services with priority answering, predictive overflow control



With ANI and DNIS Services, Identify important customers


T-1 Interface

Long distance savings

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