Voice & Data Cabling Category 5, 5E, 6, Fiber Optic


 Our Engineers pride themselves on their experience in identifying and planning for the cable infrastructure needs of our customers. We train our staff in documenting existing symptoms and causes of system deficiencies, from visual inspections to environmental issues. Furthermore, a great deal of care is given to system capacity issues and minimum-cost scalability for the future.


Our rigorous step-by-step approach includes:            These Actions Result in:

   Identifying customer needs                                  Optimizing system design

   Characterizing the existing network                   providing for scalable bandwidths in various parts of the system

   Extracting new customer requirements             providing for Plug-and-Play adds moves and changes

   Designing the topology                                          defining a system management strategy

   Redundancy Analysis                                             Generating design document(s)

For High Quality, Cost Effective Connectivity Solutions Think Global Telecommunications Cable Installation

 Types of Cable:                               Geographic Capabilities:                              Warranty:

 Fiber Optic                                   Primary: South Florida                          Manufacturer issued / Lifetime

 Copper, UTP, STP,                          Secondary: Nationwide                           Performance / Component

                                                                                                              (TIA/EIA-568B specification)

Types of Cable Systems:               Installation Services:

  LAN, WAN, Mainframe, Mini            Inside Horizontal / Vertical wiring            Test Equipment:

  FDDI, CDDI, Sonet, ATM                 Outside Plant, Aerial, and Trenching        OTDR Fiber Optic Power Meter

  Ethernet, Token/Ring                       Project Management                             Micro Test OMNI Scanners

  Voice Communications                    Design                                                 Oscilloscopes

                                                     Consulting                                      Attenuation and Continuity Testers

                                                    RFP Development                                   Micro Test Certifiber

                                                    Emergency Restoration

                                                    Cable Certification

                                                     Fiber Optic Fusion Splicing



 As a Leviton certified Network Design and Installation contractor (ND&I) and a Mohawk CDT certified VAR, Global provides the most comprehensive, manufacturer backed warranty in the industry. Based on the TIA/EIA-568B specification, the Leviton warranties protect your investment by covering both components and performance Not for 25 years like our competitors but for life.


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